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Save Tonight – Moseley

A lockdown project!

Luke Moseley, producer and musician from London, contacted me to design the digital single cover for his first single release under his producer moniker “MOSELEY”. We were still on full house arrest due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so this was a trip back to guerrilla, art college asset creation, shooting the hands and flowers in a makeshift studio in my kitchen. Even managed to rope in my wife to be the female hand.

This is a cover of Eagle-Eye Cherry’s, 1997 hit, ‘Save Tonight’. I researched the lyrics and meaning of the song and learned that it’s a tale of time running out, and the hope for the night to never end. The visual represents two lovers reaching out for each other, the dripping paint from the top hand to the bottom, representing the time running out like the sand of an hour glass.

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Luke Moseley - Producer




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